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Company History

Originally founded as RA Chilton in the early 1990’s, our very first cones were developed in conjunction with Turner Scientific for the SOLA. Since then, our design and manufacturing techniques have been adopted by a number of the major instrument manufacturers, we continue as OEM supplier to these manufacturers.

At the turn of the millennium, our development program resulted in the introduction of a wide range of cones for the most popular OEM instruments.

In the spring of 2002, RA Chilton seamlessly evolved into ICPMS Cones Ltd and with this change came an exclusive focus on design and production of cones for ICP-MS analysis.

This business development, along with the carefully selected distributers selling worldwide, has seen our cone sales grow rapidly in the following years.

Close links with our instrument manufacturer partners remain to this day, and our continuing product development and management technique processes greatly enhance our efficiency.

Manufacturing & Design

ICPMS Cones Ltd have a fully integrated design and manufacture facility for precision electroforming for ICP-MS cones (sampler and skimmer). We are a registered ISO 9001 company, and quality is our highest priority.

If you are an end-user, you can order with confidence from us or one of our distributors as ICPMS cones offer the same quality found in OEM supplies; our cones are compatible with leading OEMs, such as:  Agilent Technologies®, NU Instruments, PerkinElmer®, and Thermo Fisher Scientific®.

For manufacturers, ICPMS Cones has been a trusted provider to OEMs for many years and we offer bespoke design service. We can manufacture any cone to your exact specification to ensure the quality your customers require. Our service and integrity are impeccable; we have long-standing arrangements with several OEMs. Please contact Dean or Lee on +44 (0) 1829 740 992 for further information regarding our tailor-made service.


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